The first meeting of the National Advisory Board held in Padova


On Thursday, July the 19th 2018, the University of Padova held the National Advisory Board meeting. 

The participants in the meeting were the representatives of the Placement Sector of the University, the career counsellors and the experts in the field of education, youth employability and career guidance and counselling. They were introduced to the partnership of the project as well as to the aims and the main outputs of the project: the Model and the online Platform for the development of virtual internships. The speaker described which are the main phases for the development of an internship to be done online (before, during and after) as well as the main issues that can regard the actors involved: the VET School Tutor, the VET Student and the Company Tutor.

The experts in career counselling participating in the event put in place the issues related to the challenges to identify students that not only have a good efficiency in the school studies but also have already demonstrated to possess good independence, and they were assured by the speaker that the VET Schools that will participate in the pilot of the Virtual Internships are already organized towards this issue. The sustainability perspectives of the project were also discussed.

All participants gave a great and positive feedback to the speaker and the organizer of the meeting towards the aim of the project. According to their point of view, in spite of the actual challenges, the VIVET project has great potential towards to development of employability skills of the youth in the future.

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