The second meeting of the National Advisory board in Bulgaria


The second meeting of the National Advisory board in Bulgaria was held on 10th of July in Plovdiv. 

The list of members was further extended with new members from Municipality of Plovdiv (departments Education), Plovdiv Governship as well as directors of VET schools and VET centres on the territory of Plovdiv region. The Interprojects team presented the latest version of the virtual model and the VIVET platform. Then the participants discussed the forthcoming piloting phase. The team of Interprojects has presented the pilot plan for Bulgaria and therefore the participants have negotiated their involvement in the piloting phase. The National Agency of VET has suggested also VIVET project to be presented on 26th November 2018 during their annual conference in Bulgaria where best practices in VET are presented annually. At the end of the meeting, the participants decided to have an individual Skype/phone calls in September where the pilot testings will be organised.

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