National Advisory Board Meeting held in Padova on March 15


On Friday, March the 15th 2019, from 11.15 to 12.15 the Career Service of the University of Padova has held the National Advisory Board meeting at ground floor of the administration building of the University, in Aula Canova.

The aim of the meeting was:

  • to disseminate the Intellectual Output of the VIVET project – the “Model for Virtual Internships in Vocational Education and Training”;
  • to illustrate the Virtual Internships platform sections, the internships uploaded, the materials and test sessions;
  • to get feedback from the participants on the model and on the VIVET platform.

The participants at the meeting were representatives of the University of Padova (Career Counsellor, Career Service Director, Career Advisors, student) and University of Macerata, as well as placement professional and career counsellor. 

First of all, the speaker, Zoltan Denes, has introduced the participants to the VIVET project, to its partners and to its aims. Some of the participants have already been participating at the first National Advisory board meeting in July 2018.

Once the overview of the project was presented, the participants have been introduced to the VIVET platform.

The two introductory videos that have been uploaded on the platform for the users and for the VET students have been played in order to understand if they are clear enough for first time users. The participants said that the videos where clear although it has been noticed the users will need to enter the platform and surf it in order to have a first idea of how it is structured, where are the several sections, how to access the training, the test materials and so on.

The Career Counsellor, dr. Paola Muzzu, has stressed on the innovative aim of this platform as well as on the possible future implementations and use not only in VET educational system but also in the Higher Educational system, namely in the University.

Therefore, the EU-VIP and the PRO-VIP precedent projects have been recalled by Zoltan Denes in order to make a flashback on the story of the precedent European Project developed during the period 2009-2013. The projects have had a certain development of the virtual internships.

Nonetheless, while discussing the pros and cons of the virtual internships platform the participants have got to the conclusion that, despite the big steps made by the ICT technological tools, the virtual environment in the educational and training framework remains an unknown field where very much is still left for further exploration.

The VIVET project, therefore, although there are some precedent attempts, is, according to the participants, a new perspective which can bring, from the VET experience, new highlights on possible modalities to experience training and working from remote locations.

All participants have concluded that the challenges are numerous but that also the benefices results of the VIVET project can be invaluable.

This project (2017-1-RS01-KA202-000192, “Virtual Internships for Vocational Education and Training”) has been funded with support from the European Commission (Erasmus Programme). This website reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.