Training the Trainer Meeting held in Padova


Within the framework of Output 3 of the VIVET Project, Unipd has had the opportunity to meet on March the 2th from 10.00 am to 12.00 pm the VET School and Professional Training Center Lepido Rocco at its establishments in Lancenigo, in the province of Treviso (Italy).

The school, founded in 1905 in Motta di Livenza following the critical works of the famous Italian educator Lepido Rocco. Since this date the school has had the mission to develop the training profile of the young students.

During the meeting, the Career Service employee from UNIPD, Zoltan Denes, has met:

  • the Director of the Establishment, Dr. Margherita Bergo;
  • the law and rights professor, Lawyer Davide Puccini;
  • the EU projects manager of the School, Giorgia Costalonga;
  • and the EU projects collaborator Rossella Zanardo.

The first topic was focused on the virtual internship organized by the Lepido Rocco School for the student Veronica Tardivo on the beautician training activities. The student as well as her tutor assigned by the Lepido Rocco school, Rossella Zanardo, where aknowledged with the Vivet Platform and therefore prof. Zanardo has expressed the enthousiasm of the student while using the platform.

Zoltan Denes has then made a brief introduction of the VIVET project model, the seven steps to enable the internship and the platform, to the remaining participants, the Director and the Professor of law.

The most important topic that has emerged from discussion was the innovation intent of the Vivet project which has been perceived of great interest by the Lepido Rocco representatives, especially towards the update study and training curricula within the VET education system.

The discussion continued with a focus on the type of Virtual Internship. The Virtual environment is still perceived as a novelty in the field of education and therefore the participants have agreed that mainly, for the moment, a blended type of virtual internship can be done. Which was also the case for the student Veronica Tardivo.

The Lepido Rocco representatives have then expressed their high interest to collaborate for future EU projects directly with the partners of the VIVET project. Therefore a first email was send by UNIPD to all partners as well as to Lepido Rocco in order to set up the connection.

Furthermore, the Lepido Rocco representatives have asked to participate on April the 10th to the Multiplier event held in Belgrade, which was immediately coordinated and organized by the BOS.

This project (2017-1-RS01-KA202-000192, “Virtual Internships for Vocational Education and Training”) has been funded with support from the European Commission (Erasmus Programme). This website reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.